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Why Stainless Steel Sheet Needs PROTECTIVE FILMS

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Why Stainless Steel Sheet Needs PROTECTIVE FILMS
Latest company news about Why Stainless Steel Sheet Needs PROTECTIVE FILMS

Why Stainless Steel Sheet Needs PROTECTIVE FILMS

The reason Why stainless steel surface needs PE PROTECTIVE FILM

It's not easy to make the stainless steel plate rust, but not definitely not rust.

According to the degree of surface finish to distinguish between words, stainless steel plate into stainless steel mirror panels (Figure 1) and stainless steel wire drawing board (Figure 2 below).

stainless steel sheet panle

(Figure 1 )

stainless steel sheet panel

(Figure 2)



Stainless steel mirror panels surface is smooth and high glossy. Be made from grinding and polishing stainless steel raw material processing. Mainly used in construction and decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, decoration and other facilities renovation.

Stainless steel wire drawing panel surface is matte and veined, a close look at the top there is the slightest trace of texture, but not out of touch. Compared to the stainless steel mirror panels, the Stainless steel wire drawing plate is more beautiful and more wear-resistant. By using chemical water on the substrate surface plated or stainless steel wire drawing board coloring processing vacuum ion plating, the plate surface can generate a variety of colors,Become color stainless steel wire drawing plate.

After the stainless steel raw materials processed into stainless steel plate, you need to put a layer of PE PROTECTIVE FILM on the surface. It’s order to protect the stainless steel plate not to abrasion during storage, transport or secondary processing ; Second to prevent rust, though stainless steel rust slow, but in the oxidation air moisture, rust situation still exists. Thus ensuring at the end of a stainless steel plate surface decoration works still clean as new.

As for the choice of stainless steel plate surface PE protective film, there are some caveats, because if the protective film quality not good or off the wrong way , it would the damage to the stainless steel sheet plate.

First, Stainless steel plate surface mainly use black and white film, blue film, or a transparent plastic film.

Second, the PE film thickness is generally between 50mic and 100mic.

Third, the adhesive of the film is also different, depending on the degree of smooth stainless steel surface and the temperature difference, the adhesive is different.The smoother the surface, the lower the viscosity required for the film.

For example, the smooth surface (stainless steel mirror panel) need high adhesive PE PROTECTIVE FILM. And the matte surface (Stainless steel wire drawing panel ) need low adhesive PE PROTECTIVE FILM.

The colder the winter, the desired viscosity should be increased. Summer is hot,it needs to be appropriate to reduce the viscosity.

The choice is mainly to prevent the two phenomena, one is not enough viscosity protective film off automatically, and second, the adhesive is too strong to tear off, even adhesive residue phenomenon.

Note that, Stainless steel sheet PE protective film also has a shelf life. Posted a film of the elevator trim panel should use as soon as possible. Posted a film of the elevator trim panel should try to avoid sun exposure or placed in high temperature environments.

The above measures are intended to avoid adhesive residue phenomenon. Once the glue residue, tear the pe protective film will be difficult, and there is glue marks left in the board. In case of adhesive residue can be cleaned with an organic solvent, but the scrub is very difficult, and will leave the board difficult to remove the blot.


This is the Stainless steel sheet Protective Film.


stainless steel surface protection filmsurface protective film for stainless panel

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